5 ways proactive maintenance will minimise downtime and increase production.

Creating and preserving the future for precision engineering companies.

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  • Low-quality maintenance is impacting your production.
  • Never-ending reactive work is hurting budgets.
  • Your provider doesn’t truly understand your business.

Until you solve these problems, you’ll never be fully in control of your production, your business and your assets. We’ve got the solution.

FORTH® empower precision engineering businesses to achieve their potential through innovative building services systems that create and preserve the future.

We harness the latest technology, implementing future-proofed systems in businesses from London to Brighton to Bournemouth and everywhere in between.

This is maintenance with a mission.

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Client X chooses FORTH®

Better visibility and intelligence of our client’s assets was essential to ensure that there were no dreaded unexpected disruptions.

By utilising our advanced CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) System we seamlessly gathered real-time data from our engineers, facilitating immediate client updates and reporting. Employing data analysis to accurately allocate maintenance schedules, thereby maximizing uptime for critical assets and reducing the chances of unexpected problems and substantially reducing call out costs.

Working with the client to understand their overall needs, we set a number of targets and a flexile, agile, tailored asset management plan was put in place.

As experienced engineers, we respected the nuances of working in a precision engineering environment, limiting any potential risk to our clients production line and machinery as we undertook the necessary maintenance.

The client now has full visibility and transparency over their asset intelligence, a robust maintenance service schedule and a Capital Expenditure plan.

Unpick your present, unlock your future

We know it takes time to build trust. We know it’s not until you start working with a new provider that you know you’ve made the right decision.

That’s why we’re inviting a limited number of Precision Engineering companies to a free Business Continuity Planning Workshop to show you how we think, work and deliver.

If you like what you see, we hope you’ll work with us, if you don’t, you’ll have documented your needs and requirements for another supplier – a no-risk way to get to know us.

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We are pioneers of the latest technology – and our clients are already seeing the benefits.

Thorough and proactive scheduling demystifies asset management and maintenance for businesses, enabling visibility of the health of their building services infrastructure.

We’re offering a unique opportunity to learn more about how we’re changing the future for precision engineering.

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Not only are FORTH® quick to respond when we need them, they really understand the importance of production environments from the legislation to how to minimise disruption to production - the most important factor for us

FORTH® have really helped us plan a roadmap of replacements and upgrades to be delivered over the next 5 years enabling us to plan and budget better

A forward thinking company with a fantastic team and a firm focus on client satisfaction

About FORTH®

FORTH® is a team of forward-thinking building services experts. Every member of our team shares our ambition – innovative problem-solving for the present, with a commitment to preserving the future.

Specialist expertise is essential if you want superior service. Through planned preventative maintenance, we help you ensure your assets always remain in optimal condition and preserve the future of your buildings.

And because we know minimising production downtime is essential to you, when things go wrong we’re here 24/7, 365 to support you.