Understanding UK F-Gas Regulations and Aircon Servicing Responsibilities

Author — Sarah Jones
A FORTH® engineer works on some outside air conditioning equipment

The refreshing whoosh of your air conditioner might mask a hidden reality: its potential impact on the environment. Here’s where the UK’s F-gas Regulations come in, safeguarding our planet while ensuring optimal performance from your cooling system.

Understanding the F-Gas Regulations

Enacted in 2015, these regulations target fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), potent contributors to climate change. Their key objectives are:

Curbing F-gas use: This is achieved through quotas and bans on specific applications, gradually phasing out harmful gases.
Minimising leaks: Regular leak checks and repairs are mandatory, mitigating F-gas emissions.
Promoting alternatives: The regulations encourage adopting refrigerants with lower global warming potential.

Do these regulations apply to your aircon?

The answer depends on the size of your system:

Systems above 12kW cooling capacity: These, typically found in commercial settings, are subject to the regulations.
Smaller, domestic units: These are generally exempt from most requirements.

Aircon Servicing: Balancing Efficiency and Regulations

Regardless of size, regular servicing is vital for both optimal performance and regulatory compliance. While manufacturers often recommend annual servicing, here’s the regulatory perspective:

Leak checks

  • Hermetically sealed systems: While not mandated, annual checks are highly recommended.
  • Systems with over 3kg F-gas: These require annual leak checks.
  • Automatic leak detection: In such cases, the mandatory check interval doubles (e.g., every two years).


  • Systems exceeding 12kW: These require mandatory inspections every five years by certified technicians.

Key Takeaways for Responsible Aircon Ownership

  • Compliance is crucial: Non-compliance with regulations can lead to fines.
  • Regular servicing benefits everyone: It saves energy, reduces leaks, extends your aircon’s lifespan, and helps the environment.
  • Seek expert guidance: Consult certified technicians who ensure regulatory compliance and offer tailored advice for your system.

By understanding the F-gas Regulations and adopting responsible servicing and maintenance practices, you can enjoy cool comfort with peace of mind, playing your part in safeguarding our planet’s future. Contact FORTHⓇ for help with your business’s air conditioning servicing requirements.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is correct at the date of publication but does not constitute legally binding advice. Always refer to the latest guidelines and regulations when servicing air conditioning systems.

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