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At FORTH® Fire, our expertise extends beyond passive fire services; we are also proficient in air hygiene services. Our comprehensive offerings ensure a holistic approach to safeguarding your premises.

As trusted advisors, we prioritise our clients’ through our meticulous planning, preventive maintenance and remedial works. We strive to build lasting partnerships and be the go-to experts for all fire and air hygiene needs.

Passive fire protection

FORTH® Fire specialises in passive fire planned preventive maintenance, remedial, and project works. We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety services, backed by the latest technology in our reporting software to enable a seamless flow of information, creating a ‘golden thread of information’ for our clients.

Our services include:

▶Fire Dampers and Remedials
▶Fire Doors and Remedials
▶Fire Compartmentation Surveys & Remedials
▶Fire Stopping
▶Fire Risk Assessment
▶TR19 Grease Extract Cleaning

With our expertise in these areas and advanced reporting capabilities, we ensure that your fire safety measures are meticulously managed, helping you stay compliant and well-prepared for any potential fire hazards

Air hygiene solutions

At FORTH® Fire, we understand that like our lungs, buildings need to breathe to maintain proper airflow and ensure that fresh air comes in while contaminated air is efficiently discharged. Effective ventilation systems are vital for fostering a healthy indoor climate.

Our comprehensive air hygiene solutions are designed to address these needs and contribute to a safe and comfortable environment. Our range of services includes:

▶ Ventilation Hygiene Assessment
▶ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
▶ Ventilation Cleaning
▶ Ductwork Remedials
▶ Ductwork Sealing

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