Central Middlesex Hospital Image

Central Middlesex Hospital

Timescale 3 weeks to complete

Technical Specifications: Forth® supplied & installed:

  • One Daikin VRV system comprising five round flow cassettes 
and one wall mounted unit.
  • Ventilation comprised one Daikin heat recovery unit and 
all interconnecting supply and extract ductwork.
  • A standalone toilet ventilation system, with all supply and 
extract ductwork being thermally insulated.
  • Installation of hot and cold water services supplying the 
toilet and shower areas.
  • Sanitaryware and shower facilities installed.
  • Cold water supply provided for new break out area 
for vending machines and kitchenette sink.
  • New WC radiators connected to the existing boilers.
  • Electrical services included the installation of a new lighting system throughout the office spaces together with emergency lighting.
  • New power supplies provided to the air conditioning system plus additional small power and data supplies to the office spaces.
  • New floodlights illuminating the walkway to the main entrance. 
The photocell switching the existing floodlights to the front of the building were also replaced.


Located in the centre of the Park Royal business estate,
Central Middlesex Hospital sits on the border of the London boroughs of Brent and Ealing. Managed London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, Forth® worked in partnership with Bouygues UK. An award-winning construction, development and regeneration specialist, Bouygues deliver projects to the highest standards across the public, commercial and private sectors.

The Challenge

The Central Middlesex Hospital site contains two energy centres, one of which supplies hot water distribution to the ACAD building, which had for a number of years been experiencing issues with their hot water supply. Upon inspection Forth® discovered that many of the supply pipes were so badly corroded that a vast amount of hot water was lost before it even reached the building, at substantial cost to the NHS trust.

Our key challenge was to ensure that the damaged pipes could be removed and replaced, whilst maintaining the vital hot water supply to a busy hospital. Secondly, it was imperative that accesses to the hospital remained open, despite the corroded pipes running across the main entrance and access road.

The Solution

In order to maintain hot water supply to the hospital throughout the works, Forth® installed temporary hose connections to re-route the supply whilst the pipes were replaced. 25 trench covers, were installed along the road between the energy centre and the ACAD building. With each weighing 300kg, a lorry-based Hiab crane was required to move the covers into and out of place.

After removing the corroded pipework the trench itself was cleaned and disinfected. All debris was removed from the trench and we replaced the sump pump to give the client additional value.

New 8-inch steel pipework was then installed. All the new pipework connections were securely welded and lagged for insulation. New free issue heavy duty D600/H25 Fibrelite trench covers were installed to a free issue Fibrelite RB frame. We also supplied and installed a S/S frame to be suspended on timber shuttering.

Completed one week ahead of schedule in just over two weeks, our partners Bouygues were extremely happy with the resulting project. Inspections by Bouygues Senior Project Managers confirmed the quality of the work undertaken by Forth®, and we were delighted to help the NHS trust save money on water costs whilst they carried out their vital work.

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